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Kate is a qualified colour therapist, using colour to promote wellbeing

Colour Numerology


Each colour has a different energy vibration and acts on our system as a nutrient (think of over steaming broccoli and it looks dull and tastes of nothing). Each colour vibrates differently.


Red having the slowest wavelength and Violet vibrating the fastest. Red traditionally connects to the root (base) chakra which are energy centres located throughout the body. Violet connects to the crown chakra (at the top of the head) and to spirituality, it has the faster wavelength. 


Using colour offers us the opportunity to heal, balance and restore our systems to good health.

There are many ways of using colour to help this process such as breath work, meditating or visualising using colour, eating coloured foods, using crystals, flower essences, or through spiritual healing.


The ancient Egyptians understood the value of colour and would bathe in various coloured lights to help alleviate physical illnesses. Hippocrates and Aristotle used colour as a means of healing. With the advent of Christianity, colour therapy was treated as a form of paganism and disappeared until the middle ages when colour once again became 'respectable'.


One pathway to 'knowing' yourself is through the world of colour. 

Discovering your Colour Numerology will help you reveal who you are, your characteristics, personality type and how you respond on an emotional level.


There are two ways in which the results can be revealed.


Your BIRTH DATE (day - month - year)


Your BIRTH NAME (the name you were born with)

To reveal YOUR Colour Numerology complete the form below with your date of birth and the name with which you were born with (first middle and surname) and I shall email you back with your results and an explanation.

Advanced Colour Numerology

Fee for the Advanced LJC is £30

Thanks for submitting! Your personalised results with be with you shortly.

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