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Growing your own business can have its wonderful moments and also rock bottom moments.
You have done all the courses, research and planning yet you are not getting the results you expect.
There is a block.
The reality in which we live in is the manifestation of your own doing.
Learning how to reset your mindset and get what you want is easier than you think, very much like taking intentional steps.
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What is actually Mindset Reset?

It is an awareness. I am not business coach so let's clear that up right now so if it is systems and processes you are after then you need to look elsewhere. What I do know however is that by connecting to our inner selves on an internal level can bring freedom and a whole new level of being. It will release limiting beliefs, explain patterns of certain behaviour, and even get the inner critic to calm down!

Do you have to be spiritual?
Well, yes and no. You don't have to have a set of beliefs to be able to reset your mindset You only need the ability to believe in yourself to have an open mind.
Sounds too much...?
Has a little bit of self doubt crept in?
Keep reading, I'm with you on this!
How do you Reset your Mindset?
If you are like me and wanted something like yesterday, patience my lovely. However, by taking action, the sooner things will begin to happen.
Until you take action you can dream and picture what 'life will be like', and live in a lovely fluffy bubble. Action is where the magic is jump started.
Whatever your heart desires is waiting for you.
Your life, the magnitude of your happiness and joy, is all up to you to decide, no one else, you can't pin this on anyone except yourself, as it is only you that controls the thoughts that are going through your mind.
Now here is the fantastic news!!
Firstly I want to ask you a question, do you want your life and business to improve?
You will need to find where your inner drive is coming from.
You will also need to be open to practice.
If your heart really isn't in it, then guess what, it won't work!
How do I know this?
I manifested the home I currently live in. From the date that I put the 'work' in to moving in, was just under 2 months!!! 
I know from first hand experience how by fine tuning your mindset, it can be turned into a magnificent manifesting mindset.
The process I want to share with you will get you in the zone of kick starting the reset. I want you to have the best life, with everything you wish for. As a big bonus too , I will also offer you accountability support!

It is based on a process called G.R.I.T - Growth, Release, Inspire, Transformation.


Let's look at each segment


Growth - A goal is a dream with a deadline, goals that are not actioned are wishes. How you may have been stumbling to achieve what you want by self sabotage. The Mindset Reset Manifesto - bringing it all together.


Release - Resistance is the biggest block preventing us from moving forward and achieving what we desire. Looking at your limiting beliefs, how to challenge the negative thinking patterns of the inner critic and noticing what your triggers are actually telling you.


Inspire - Want to move from the old to the new but feeling zapped of energy? How do you define yourself and how to reset your inner being. Noticing the higher levels of vibration through questioning and radical ‘flipping it’ and how you actually have been self sabotaging your success by using the wrong words!


Transformation - Living as if, a place where a new understanding of your purpose takes place.  Multi perspective visualisation, taking stock of your value and what transformation actually is.

I am so excited to share this time with you so you can reach the next level in your business.


I am offering my 1:2:1 support right now as I am feeling a big pull to make the connection on an individual basis. Now is the time where people really need the support, genuine heart felt support to succeed. Life has been turned upside down and those who have decided that now is the time to turn what they love into what they wake up to do each and every day, but  have fallen into self doubt, procrastination and even feeling abit fearful...I am right here for you as your cheerleader!


I’m not kidding you when I say that I have friends doing 121's and group programs and they ask for thousands as the investment, I’m not undercutting, I'm being real. I know you want to make a change but finances are a bit tight right now.


You see I put a survey out to gather information and one anonymous comment was ‘Kate, I don’t know how you do it, you seem so in control, happy and content in life, I just don’t know how you do it’. Well, I have my moments, but I have learnt and continue to learn so much that I want to share this and support others to feel good, to feel good enough and that they can absolutely 100% make shifts in their lives for the better.


We have been through so much recently.


By investing in yourself to Reset your Mindset let me ask you this. You are reading this and have got this far because you want to change something, you are curious. So now I am offering you to take it to the next level, to make it a reality. You are not alone with it. 


Let’s do this together.

1 to 1 Personalised sessions.

These sessions will be carried out via Zoom, I shall send you the link, you just need to be there.

Session Outline

6 x sessions each approx 60 minutes duration

Session 1 - Growth Assessment

Where you are right now not only in yourself but also with your business. 

Where do you want to be, the aim, the desire/goal.

What are you finding challenging?

Identifying patterns of habit.

Sessions 2 & 3 Release 

Exploring the inner blocks and releasing them.

Releasing the resistance and allow yourself to move forward.

Identify with the 7 types of Inner Critic

Fear of Failure

Sessions 4 Inspire

What's the hype on self love

Mind your words!

The real reason we compare ourselves to others.

Sessions 5 & 6 Transformation

What got you to here won't get you to there

Your true purpose

Your past does not need to define you.


Unlimited e-mail support between sessions

Downloads, worksheets and pdf's

Energy Oracle card pulls at the end of each session for inspiration for the coming week.


However.......before we make the decision to work together, let's connect up first and break the ice. Think of it as meeting up for a coffee - my shout!

Let's jump on a 20 minute call (via Zoom) to say hi and to find out if I can actually help you.  

If you want to find out why it just isn't happening for you right now and you want to become unstuck and make a breakthrough I would love to have the pleasure in getting to know you and make it happen! (because what got you to here won't get you to there!)

My secret weapon is to heal your blocks, establish your purpose, align you to your values so you can be the change you wish to be.

Book your FREE call below. This will take you to a very short application form.

Once submitted and reviewed I shall get in touch with you (usually within 24 hours) to arrange a call together.

How can it get any simpler than that?!

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Come and join my group on MindsetresetwithGRIT, it is the place where all the news will be announced FIRST.


If you are already decided and want to work together then click here 

 I can't wait to share all this with you - any questions, then simply send me a message 


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"Connecting with Kate is so easy - on lots of levels! Kate has a wonderful ability to reframe thoughts and ideas in a really positive way". 
"I believe Kate is doing a really important role by supporting mothers, something that in my opinion is very overlooked by society".
"I am so grateful to have Kate as my coach. Her continued support and wonderful nuggets of wisdom have really given me strength to get through recent trials of life."
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