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Reiki - healing or not to heal?

Now this could be quite a long post so I do suggest that you go and make yourself a brew before you get comfy to read this one!

It has been on my mind to write about this, so here we go…..

Is Reiki healing, quite controversial so these are my opinions on the matter…

I have always been of ‘spiritual’ nature since chiuldhood, I always had ‘different’ books the bookshelf that I could help myself to, I had ‘experiences’ in young adulthood with spiritulism and met people who have some amazingly wonderful talents.

However, I have also come across alot of fakes, people that are ‘in the business’ just for fleecing vulnerable people of their had earned money and others that want to take advantage of you. Sounds quite dark doesn’t it. Well that’s life…whatever it is that you are into and floats your boat.

So how to tell the difference between someone who has the right intention to someone that doesn’t.

Go with your gut instinct…be sure though as that cheeky gut feeling can also have an off day and could also be teaching you a lesson aswell! SO what may seem like a good idea at the time may be infact a lesson in life. Sleep on it….take a few days before deciding if it is right for you. This has saved me a few times, even if you are being pressured into making a decision (which is another sign that it isn’t right), stand your ground, be strong, it is after all YOUR time and cash.

So how does the healing bit come into it. Now this can be a tricky one, because most of the time when people seek out a ‘healer’ they are either expecting to be cured of whatever ailment be it physical, mental, emotional or even spiritual, or that person is so low and down on their own energy that they simply cannot see what is happening themselves.


Here is a senario if you are going to hunt down a healer (NB I’d just like to mention at this point that there are some really bloomin good healers out there and work for the greatest and highest good for their clients and their intention is one of goodness)

Off you trot uber excited and a little anxious that you have found someone who can see you, you meet, have a chat and have a healing session. After the session there is a bit more of a chat and a the healer is disclosing to you a number of things that is ‘wrong’ with you. You leave feeling quite down, but not to worry as you have another appointment booked and the healer will ‘fix’ what is wrong.

In my opinion ( I have to put that!) a true healer works with the light, it comes from above, through and to the receiver (the client). Listing a number of things ‘wrong’ with you is not working with the light, they are taking your power as no one likes to be told that they have something wrong with them. The healer needs to work with you, to see the amazing, beautiful person that you are, and enhance on that. A healer works with the energy which comes from such a wonderful place, a healer does not diagnose.

Going back to the title ‘Is Reiki Healing’….Reiki is what you want it to be. I cannot tell you what it is that you will feel when you have a session, maybe in a round a bout way such as you may fall asleep, your tummy may rumble, but that’s it.

What you experience is yours, that is keeping Reiki pure and simple. The healing bit comes from within…it has to begin with you, no one can begin the healing process if you are not ready for it. This I see so often when I work with cancer patients. It’s the attitude of wanting some wonderful energy to flow into you, to melt away stress and what comes with it.

Have you finished your brew…?!

Keep calm and get Reiki’d (I think that’s a new word!!)

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