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When Life puts you on Pause..

It happens to us all right? Life is going along swimmingly then BOOM something happens to completely throw you off track, it makes you question things and re-analysis what is going on.

You know, I can be my worst enemy at times, and I do get told that I am too hard on myself, my answer back is that only I can listen to that inner voice of mine, and most of the time we get on fine and dandy.

Recently we have had a car out of action – really not ideal when you live up a hill in a rural location, the computer processor pretty much died and my dear four-legged friend became poorly.

I could have got really uptight, emotional, moody, woe be me etc etc, but hey ho, these thing happen. Was that really my response….yes sirreee – however even a year ago my response would have been way different, pretty much falling into a huge stress ball and being snappy to anyone close to me!

What’s changed – me of course. To be more specific how my thought processes work.

Just simply taking each day at a time and recognising the emotions that arise and consciously choosing a positive response, not only made me feel alot better but also those around me.

The Challenge is happening right now. Come and join in to find out the tools that really do help and you can just tuck them into your pocket for when you need them most.

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