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Embracing the difficult day

We all get them, 'One of Those Days' from the moment we wake - or get woken, to the moment we go to sleep or choose to change it.

I had 'OoTD's' yesterday.

I got woken by my youngest, who woke up grumpy, who refused to eat breakfast, who them decided after playing in the shallow waters of the baby swimming pool that she wasn't going to join in the lesson and was very vocal about it (it was one of those times when you wish the ground would open up and swallow you as everyone's eyes are upon you), I had an hour window to get some work done, but my computer decided it didn't want to play.. are you getting the picture..?!

I thought I'd change the day by handing the baton over to daddy to put them to bed and head off to my 'healthy eating club' and my exercise class.

Great results at my healthy eating club! Yay me, beginnig to feel a little better now.

Then mid way through my class (silks fitness) pop goes my tricep, again....bugger....class over for me.

Why am I telling you all this..???

Sometime ago I would have been right proper narked off, annoyed at my little one for not doing as I expected, for waking me up too early and so on..

Now though, I recognise it is her way of showing how she feels, 'yes i get that', I am sure you are saying, however, for her, it is a big deal, what good would it do her (or me) by getting upset at her, it would probably make her more upset, and make me feel rubbish too.

So by using different techniques I have learnt, not only did I keep my cool, but I gave my daughter the safe holding that she needed to express whatever it was that was troubling her and got it diffused without any feelings of shame.

I recognised that I needed to get away from being 'mum', not only for my own sanity but for the girls. This was especially noticeable when my eldest asked 'are you upset with me mummy?' Love her for being so caring.

How interesting that at the end of the day, my muscle went ping.......aarrgghhhh

I shall not let this bring me down.

We all get OoTD's it's how we deal with them that is IMPORTANT.

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