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Hello to all the 'Nice Mums'....

I am delighted to say that I am part of the Nice Mums scheme, thanks Steffi, it's great to be onboard!

I'd like to introduce myself, Hi there! I'm Kate and as a mum to two girlies aged 3 and 5 I can totally understand the patience needed, the need of support in being a mum and how important it is not to feel judged by our parenting decisions.

Motherhood can bring times of feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, having low self esteem and finding it difficult to concentrate?

Breathe a Smile workshops are here to support YOU.

You are invited to come and join the Breathe a Smile family, where you will be welcomed with such warm sincerity. We gather together with the intention of learning amazingly simple techniques which you can store away and use to create a change in yourself - and your children.

I am excited to share with you my workshops which I have written and developed.

I have acheived breakthroughs not only on a personal level but also with my young children from following some simple guidelines that really can become a catalyst for marvellous changes.

​The workshops are based on mindfulness and meditation techniques, however I promise you there is no sitting in a lotus position or chanting funny words at any time during the day!!

I offer a one day Foundation (beginners) workshop - I still have a few places for the 20th April..

The other workshops are Supporting Children and Supportig Yourself.

Supporting Children - By learning some simple, fun and creative skills and 'games' it will create a trust and a partnership. The workshop is created for you to help children to flourish, for them to manage difficulties, their strss, anxities and worries and to know when best to use the techniques to their advantage.

Suporting Yourself - Only you, right now, will know what is happening in your life, what you are feeling, what you would like to change or just improve on. This workshop will give you a deep and fundamental change, in a positive way, if it is for an improved emotional wellbeing, to improve your focus, manage thoughts and feelings, you may have a health issue or you would like to improve relationships in your life be it work or personal.

For more information you can follow me on facebook 'breatheasmileworkshops' and online

I woud love to meet you at one of the workshops

Kate x

Me and my eldest beautiful girl.

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