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How does snow make you feel??

Yes I live in the area that was on the news as being THE coldest place in the UK! Shropshire.

It was forecast and no I didn't go and clear the supermarket shelves in sheer panic that I was going to get snowed in and cut off from civilisation. Although an extra bottle of milk would have been useful!

My daughters had 3 snow days off from school and snowmen which turned into snow slides were built and an interesting game of them being wolves then polar bear cubs whilst me and the dog we begining to get frozen feet was had by them with lots of squeeling and whoops of joy then 'muummmm I need a wee! What now....your little bum will get frozen..but I need one nooooooow'!

It's all great isnt it this time off from reality and having some weather which we don't see very often? Right?

Not for everyone.

It's very easy for something unpredictable to wash over you and engulf you. Much like the arrival of snow, there is the excitement then the 'have I got enough food' and 'how on earth will I get out to do x, y or z'.

You can get down in the dumps about it or you can say how amazing Mother Nature can be. What a beautiful scenary she has given us for a few days.

Embrace the inner child. There is a saying somewhere that I have either heard or read that there is no such thing as bad weather just inappropiate clothing.

This can be applied to life really. The weather being whatever life may throw at you and the clothing is how you react to it.

You see I had my 6 year old saying 'muumm can we go out to play in the snow'? It would have been way to easy to say something along the lines of, 'I have to do some jobs, or it's too cold, or later hunny'...but much like what I have learnt and also advocate in my workbooks, it is all about stopping just for a moment. Take a breath. Then respond. My mind whirred into action and banishing my old thought patterns to make room for the new ones. What did I have to loose by going out in the snow, yes it is a palarva getting dressed up and yes I will have to dry everything. But this can easily be balanced by having some play time with my girls, taking joy in the childrens adentures in the snow. This was all going on in my mind in about 2 seconds flat - impressive huh!

Come on then lets go!

A memory was created, just like that.

I saw on facebook a quote 'Your body can stand almost anything. It's your mind that you have to convince'.

Your mind has such a profound affect on your body. It is my mind that brought me out of anxiety. It was my mind that beat my Bells Palsy (that's another story!)

If you look outside and think uugg what horrid weather - in fact- say it now see how you feel. Now turn it around, say what a beauty it is out there. Currently as I type there is still alot of snow but now it is raining. I could have the uugg moment but the rain will melt the snow, and I have a waterproof coat and a double pompom hat, so I will be ok!

You know what my boyfriend decided to do mid snow days....he needed to get something from the outdoor shed, he had no shoes and went outside with nothing on his feet. My daughters came rushing to tell me what he had done. When he returned they asked him why he had gone outside with nothing on his feet - his reply, 'well havent you ever wondered what it felt like to go out in the snow bare footed?'.

Breathe a Smile is all about how to change your mind set and old habits with really simple and super fast techniques that will last for as long as you want them to. They really do work, I am still a working progress but during a really life changing event in my personal life I can say that it has helped me keep a sane, depressed free, and logical mind.

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