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Feeling the Blues..?

Did you make a New Years resolution?

Maybe something along the lines of eating healthier, going to the gym, catching up with family and friends on a more regular basis? You know the 'normal' sort of things? Yeah me too!! Although mine has gone quite deep, alot of reflection - a hell of a lot really and I am still working it all out but little by little and this is where one of my 'New Year resolutions' has helped me enormously with a huge added bonus that I have surprised myself.

This year is about recognition and being truthful to yourself.

It feels so good when you smash through your own made blockages.

We all do it, make blockages and then feel stuck and not moving on with life - love those cliques as it doesn't have to be like that!

So now it is time to sort ME out. My girls are settled after a huge persoanl shake up in our lives.

It's time to step into myself.

I've surprised myself as I wanted to get fit after December and began running. I bought the outfit which sat in my room for a few weeks. We have all been there right?! Then I bit the bullet put it on and felt like a fool but luckily I kept biting my lip and went for it. It was really invigorating and since then I have got the running (I use that term loosely) bug. I have even managed not to die by doing a 5k run! Amazing things happen when you put your mind to it.

I am a Reiki teacher/practitioner and to add to that I have written workbooks based on simple techniques to reduce stress and to calm that crazy monkey mind we all have. The workbooks I am still figuring out on how to get them out there for people to get their hands on them. I have big plans.....

I have created a Zen Den in my house where I can write and practise Reiki and also hold small groups if I wished. What was stopping me before from doing this, what took me so long....ME...but not now. I put up blockages to prevent it happening. You know what even since recognising this I have had Reiki interest! The power of the Universe and our thoughts are amazing.

We can search for an entire life to make ourselves feel better by reading, doing courses/workshops that dictate what you should or should not be doing or feeling, we can easily blame events in our lives to make us who we are - really? We are an existance that needs to take responsibility for ourselves, our actions, our thoughts.

We need self care. Especially from a mums point of view, my children are uber sensitive if I am out of sorts and not firing on all cylinders. Then I have to really make a massive effort to rebalance myself for not only my sake but for the balance of the household - yes that is how big our feelings effect what is around us.

Life move forwards with or without us.

Make your life work for you. If it doesn't, then make some changes - yep that may be scary but what will be better, being stuck or always wondering...what would happen if I did x,y or x (I just have to add here that your actions should be for the highest good for yourself and those closest around you)

Hibernate with yourself for a while. Allow time to be in limbo land not sure which direction to go.

Declutter. This is a fantastic one. I'm not saying go and clear out your entire garage right now, but begin small. Start with say your bedside drawer, or the cutlery drawer or the TV unit. Begin with one day then the next day do something else in a different room or work through room by room. You will be amazed how good you will feel!

Find your TONIC. Mine is running. It is purely my time for half an hour to clear my head, where I can work through my emotions without having to be mindful of anyone around me - lucky for me I live in the country so I only get the sheep giving me odd looks and the squirrels running away from me! Your could be reading a book, taking a walk, dance, sing, cook, draw the list is endless but finding your tonic will calm and clear your mind which can only be a great thing!

Go for it, you can do it.

Breathe a Smile workbooks found via the website The First Steps, Supporting Yourself & Supporting Children.

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