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New book release!

A childhood dream of mine! I love books, I've always enjoyed getting my nose stuck into a good book. I remember reading Enid Blyton, the Worst Witch and I remember the classic Dogger being read to me and now I read it to my children!


I wrote my book over 3 years ago and it has taken me this long (along with a huge dose of self belief) to go ahead and self publish it!!

Silly though, as I thought that once it 'was out there', people would magically come along and find it and buy it and I would have my book in many a household 'talking' through a huge amount of tools for people to work with in regaining a sense of calm and balance in their lives.

Ha, that hasnt happened yet!!! I'm hoping a magic fairy will come to me via facebook, Instagram or Twitter to make my book fly!!!

Find me on Amazon (you can leave me a wonderful review too please!!)

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