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Back in the Saddle!!

Nope I havent got back into the horses saddle - yet!! I got back on my bike this morning, not without procrastination in play and coming up with all sorts of excuses, yes the even 'it's too windy'!!

The first time this year! And it felt REALLY GOOD.

That's not all sireee, it was quite a theraputic time and here is the story that I shall shre with you that happened during my ride.

So there I am riding along a newly tarmaced road, a vision of pink (pink jacket, I mean REALLY pink, pink helmet, green headband as I get cold ears - did you just laugh at me?!) I'm on my red rocket bike (yeah I know just how to colour clash!) thinking, I don't yet feel knackered, my les are still not feeling wobbly, hey, i'm not as unfit as I thought I was, darn comes the school bus with my children on, do I look red faced, do I look cool enough for the little darlings not to be tooo embarrased of mummy on a bike!! Can I wave and still ride along without wobbling like a drunkard?

My nose is really begun to run now to the point that the amount of sniffing I'm doing is beginning to give me a headache, how loud can you really sniff?This isn't what I expected.

Perfect timing I have to get past the work men on the side of the road in their bright fluosecent jackets, just standing there, waiting for the go ahead to close the road, I need to get past them, I really hope that they dont make some funny remark, I may just go and dribble snot on them if they do.

Did it! No remark made, now the challange of hill numero uno. Up the hill I go, nice and steady, chanaged the gear, sniff, almost there, sniff, yeah I made it to the top. NOW I can stop and blow the river of snottyness out of my little pink cold nose.

This precise moment was THE momemt for me.

The stopping my bike ride to blow my nose.

Before, I would have carried on with the bike route regardless of the runny nose, I would have kept my head down and carried on.

I wouldn't stop, not until I got home, unless of course I came head on to a car along these narrow country lanes, they can do more damage to me than I to them!

I put my soggy tissue back into my pocket and away again I went. I felt oddly happy that I had allowed myself to stop and blow my nose. Why was this?

Since the New Year I have been having amazing plans on how to move forward with my business and of course good old social media creeps in with the must do's and don't miss outs! It can all be so overwhelming. I did a mahoosive brain dump, in fact two sessions of it, I even went to a networking group whihc was so out of my comfort zone.

When it comes to my work I had the habit of keeping my head down and working through my lists, getting things done. Sound familiar? Very similar approach to my bike ride!

It is absolutly fine to stop and blow your nose!!

Whatever it is that you are doing, it is okay to stop, take a pause, make yourself feel more comfortable.

Now that may be in very different ways for each of us. Some it may be as simple as getting up having a move around and then approach the task to hand again. Others it may be having to park up the task for a couple of days, have a mull over it and then come back to it with a freshness.

For me, it has been lifting the seriousness of work. I have been chuckling all morning to myself with this blow your nose analogy!

Surely if Ihave more fun with what I do, not only will I not see it as a chore and a list of things to tick off, but mini acheievements which I can fist pump the air with every day?!

I hope that you have something in your day that will make you stop, just for a moment and make you smile! If not, just BLOW YOUR NOSE !!!!!

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