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Just for Today - do not Anger

I admit it, I'm a self confessed lover of stationary. Pens, notebooks, patterned ones shiney ones you name it!!

I have a very odd sense of achievement when I fill up my daily scribble A4 note pad, is that normal?!

This was my case a few days ago, I had filled up my pad and had a newish one on standby ready and waiting to be used. Yay!

I had a flick through the pages just to make sure that my dear children hadn't kidnapped it before me and left me pages of doodles, what I came across next I was totally unprepared for.....

I had made list a few years ago about what I was going to take with me when I left my then husband.....

It's funny how when you come across something of the past that it can throw you right back to that time and place and you can absolutely relive how you felt and the emotions you were experiencing.

It completely threw me.

I shed quite a few tears.

I allowed the emotion to flow through me.

Then I picked myself back up, ripped the page out and put it where it needed to be, in the bin!

It can be hard to see it sometimes, but good does come out of something pretty rotten and I want to share it with you.

Just for Today- Do not anger

Anger is a fairly destructive emotion, you may feel it is the only option, however it might be uncomfortable to realise it is actually a conscious choice.

It is triggered when someone/thing does not meet your expectations or when you don't meet your own expectations.

It is a sign that you are trying to swim against the naturel current of events.

Expressing anger rarely achieves anything and often leaves you and the person it's aimed at feeling bad.

Acknowledge it.

The good news - you can break the cycle and chose a different response.

You can find healthier ways of expressing frustration which often lies behind anger.

Turn the emotion into creativity.

Take a brisk walk outside.

Deep breathing - imagine the colour green (this symbolises life, renewal and energy. It is also associated with the meanings of growth, safety and freshness.)

Recognise anger and consciously choose another expression.

Say to yourself

"Even though I have this anger - I deeply and completely accept myself"

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