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Overcoming FEAR

You've heard of the acronym F.E.A.R right?

FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real, meaning that there is no true threat of immediate physical danger and no threat of a loss of someone or something near and dear to us. Actually there is nothing at all, so fear isn't real. That is a bit of a mind boggler isn't it?!


Face Everything And Rise!!

Overcome FEAR.

Fear is a distressing emotion from impending danger or pain, whether it is real or imagined.

I really don't like horror films, never have done, why would you want to scare the eeby jeebies out of yourself over a film??! It's not REAL.

Why do we get fearful these days, there isn't any likelihood of a T-rex going to run after us any time soon, yet we still have the 'fight or flight' hormone whooshing around our body.

Ok, let's get things into perspective now. Let's take on the example that you want to try out something NEW. You want to study to become an online virtual assistant (random I know!)

The inner dialogue is going 'OH MY GOD YOU ARE WANTING TO DO WHAT'?



Listen to that gremlin.....who is he telling you all this crap?

Rule number 1 of overcoming fear


Yes you absolutely do, otherwise how will you move from where you are right now? Yes you may well tell yourself 'what if I fail'? Here is something, failure my friend is a LESSON. I have failed sooo many times. Picture a toddler who is learning how to walk, he tries, falls on his bum, laughs, gets up again, tries again,falls again...wash and repeat!!

It is not a failure unless you GIVE UP!


Success and failure is a result of habits. It's the way that you keep repeating the same thing over and over and expect a change....if you change the habit then the result will be different too! Take a bet on yourself with this one and turn your thinking from 'what if I fail', to 'what if it works'?! You can change he habits by making daily rituals. My favourite one is even before you open your eyes in the morning visualise in your minds eye what it is you desire? Yes you may have children bouncing around you, yes you may have to leap out of bed and hit the carpet running, by making these type of excuses, you are putting up resistance. What is the greater pull...where you are right now, or the need to change?


Your beliefs are very much part of your subconscious mind. it is there, where they have come from can be from many sources; from childhood events, parents, teachers, friends, family, media and books. The great news is that beliefs can be changed! Look at this way....imagine an oven like your mind...what you put in the oven, you get back out. With me? So if at some point in your life you were told that you weren't good enough - that has been put in your 'oven' and that is what comes out. The subconscious needs to express itself. Build new beliefs and put something new into the oven. This can be done with visualisation and affirmations, however to get a totally new belief the root cause as to why that belief is there in the first place must be addressed.

"Being Brave isn't the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it"

Bear Grylls

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