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Understanding Imposter Syndrome

Name it to tame it.


That little niggling voice that chatters away in your mind, give it a name - seriously., give it a name. Mine is called Candy!

Candy throws questions at me which then escalates into feeling like an imposter in what I love to do.

Here are the questions and what they actually mean.

  • '"Can't .." the IS (Imposter Syndrome) is questioning your capabilities.

  • "I shouldn't"- IS is obsessed with the judgement of other, 'she' wants you to change your behaviour to please others.

  • "I don't know enough"- IS is TERRIFIED at the start line. It second guesses making a huge deal with everything making a huge deal with indecision.

  • '"I don't want to", the IS is scared of the finish line - it justifies procrastination and makes you feel confused. It convinces you to avoid the things you want the most.

The Imposter Syndrome or this Inner critic wants to keep you SMALL and SAFE.


  1. Well the good news is that this negativity IS NOT YOURS, the Imposter LIES, it is external to you (more on that later)

  2. Put a level on fear (huh?!)

Level 1 - What is the surface story on the line of questions? For example there are those things that just simply happen to us

  • aging

  • retirement

  • illness

Then there are those things that require action

  • going back to school

  • making a decision

  • changing career

Level 2 - Then there is the EGO! It tells us to feel;

  • rejection

  • success

  • failure

  • disapproval

Our Inner states of mind reflect your sense of self and your ability to handle the world.

Then there is a level 3, our Imposter is screaming at us "I can't handle it"!! I can't handle the rejection, I can't handle changing career, I can't handle success.....getting the picture?

At the bottom of every one of your fears is simply the fear that you can't handle whatever life may bring you.

If you knew you could handle anything that came your way what would you possibly have to fear?

Take a moment right now of something that you want to change/have/want...what is stopping you?? what is your fear...what would you life look like if you DID make that change..what would your life be like if you DIDN'T make a change?

When the Imposter Syndrome gets REALLY LOUD that means you're on to something - it is FREAKING out!!

So what is Imposter Syndrome?

A well integrated pattern of destructive thoughts towards ourselves. The nagging voices or thoughts that make up this internalised dialogue are the root of much of our self sabotage and also leads to the Imposter syndrome.

It can impact every aspect of our lives including self confidence and self esteem, relationships and our accomplishments at work.

Examples of what it sounds like;

"you're not good enough"

"no one will work with you"

"you don't know what you're doing"

"you are under too much pressure"

"you can't handle this"


Usually from early life experiences that are internalised and taken in as ways we think about ourselves. Often coming from parents, primary carers, teachers, also from our interactions with peers and siblings or other adults.


I worked with a lovely lady who sold online products, she loved what she did, she thrived from the interaction with her team but a fear had set in. Her self confidence had hit rock bottom, she had a fear of talking to people as she had the belief that they wouldn't believe her. She was being told "you're not good enough" by her Imposter Syndrome. As a result she dropped back from her online team and made excuses of looking after her toddler and didn't show up for what really internally she loved doing.

We worked together in unravelling her fears and discovering where they actually came from (with her toddler in the background!) We worked on alot of self belief and clarity, courage and confidence.


She is going abroad to the International event with her up lines of management and a far bigger team than she dreamed of.

She has achieved GROWTH

She is moving FORWARD

She made very small changes, she moved out of her comfort zone as she wanted her life to change, she had found her personal drive to do something about where she was stuck.

So proud of her!

I believe that YOU TOO can make amazing changes. What is holding you back? What is your Imposter Syndrome telling you?

Do you want to grab life and make it amazing? Schedule a free breakthrough call with me, Kate Schenk and lets chat. Send me a email

If anything here has hit a cord or resonated with you, I invite you to come and join my FREE facebook group or send me a private message

Thanks for reading. I believe everyone can have a manifesting mindset - everything is always working out for you.

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