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Ever heard of energy leaks?

You know when you meet someone and have a chat then afterwards you feel utterly drained? 

Or the tie when you talk yourself out of doing something then wonder why you did that?

7 ways to reclaim your power will provide you with an insight into how you may be leaking your very own energy and therefore feeling a little bit wrung out!

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Discover 2 Major Tools you need to remove negativity from your life.

Telling ourselves we are not good enough is detrimental to our success. To be successful not only brings financial but also emotional freedom.

By unintentionally bringing negativity into our lives it brings frustration, tiredness and feeling stuck in our life.
How does that get us anywhere?

How cool would it be if it were easy to make a change. To implement something into our lives without it being time consuming?

Well it CAN!! Click on the link and by the time you have made yourself a drink you can have the 2 tools that can make a difference - and it's FREE!!

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How to remove Negativity from your life.
20 Acts of Kindness

For Family & Friends

1. Send flowers

2. Pick up the bill

3. Go for a walk with them

4. Look after their children for a period of time

5. Offer to cook lunch/dinner for them

For your Partner

6. Leave a note to let your partner know why they make the world a better place

7. Really listen to them

8. Do an extra chore without being asked

9. Arrange all the details for a date

10. Instigate some time to reminisce over hots and memories

For Colleagues

11. Acknowledge something helpful/inspiring the have done

12. Make them a cup of tea/coffee

13. Take on a little extra work to help them out

14. Bake some snacks to take to work

For Strangers

15. Thank a public servant for what they do (postperson, police, fireman)

16. Ask a homeless person if they would like a drink or something to eat

17. Let someone go ahead of you in a queue

18. Give someone a compliment

19. Help a neighbour with something

20. Smile and say hello to people you pass (not every single person!!)


Holistic 360 Wheel

Why is this wheel such a powerful tool in Holistic Health?

'Holistic' is looking at all aspects of your life. An old way of looking to improve an area of your life, for example your career, you want to expand in your business, you would be concentrating on marketing strategies, admin, content and funnels. By using this Holistic Wheel, you look at other aspects which would have an impact on your career, perhaps your mindset, finances, rest and relationships would all have an impact on the bigger picture and success in your career.

If you look at your career as being in a box you could miss important factors (mindset, rest, relationships) that influence the one thing you want to improve on - your career.

Another way in which to look at the wheel is in reference to the career aspect, if that is out of balance, what other areas would it be affecting? Maybe relationships, purpose, your body, food (nutrition)

By working with me, I will use the Holistic wheel will be used as a basis, a guidance, to discover the various beliefs and values that are important to you and other hidden blocks that you would like to free to enable a more balanced outcome in your life.. 

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