Where do you want to be one year from now?

What if you dedicate 6 weeks propelling yourself forward and finding out how you are getting in your own way in actually achieving what it is that you desire?

Why your mindset is the key to your success.

Just imagine how different your life could look in a short space of time....

Making energy shifts will give you ah-ha moments

I am currently offering 1 to 1 personalised sessions.

These sessions will be carried out via Zoom, I shall send you the link, you just need to be there.

Session Outline

6 x sessions each 60 minutes duration

Session 1 - Growth Assessment

Where you are right now not only in yourself but also with your business. 

Where do you want to be, the aim, the desire/goal.

What are you finding challenging.

Identifying patterns of habit.

Sessions 2 & 3 Release 

Exploring the inner blocks and releasing them.

Releasing the resistance and allow yourself to move forward.

Identify with the 7 types of Inner Critic

Fear of Failure

Sessions 4 Inspire

What's the hype on self love

Mind your words!

The real reason we compare ourselves to others.

Sessions 5 & 6 Transformation

What got you to here won't get you to there

Your true purpose

Your past does not need to define you.


Unlimited e-mail support between sessions

Downloads, worksheets and pdf's

Energy Oracle card pulls at the end of each session for inspiration for the coming week.


However.......before we make the decision to work together, let's connect up first and break the ice. Think of it as meeting up for a coffee - my shout!

Let's jump on a 20 minute call (via Zoom) to say hi and to find out if I can actually help you.  

If you want to find out why it just isn't happening for you right now and you want to become unstuck and make a breakthrough I would love to have the pleasure in getting to know you and make it happen! (because what got you to here won't get you to there!)

My secret weapon is to heal your blocks, establish your purpose, align you to your values so you can be the change you wish to be.

Book your FREE call below. This will take you to a very short application form.

Once submitted and reviewed I shall get in touch with you (usually within 24 hours) to arrange a call together.

How can it get any simpler than that?!