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When you GROW you become more aware
When you become more aware you become ready to RELEASE
When you release you free up space to be INSPIRED
When you are inspired you believe anything is possible
When you believe anything is possible that’s when the magical TRANSFORMATION of you happens.

What will your life look like one year from now?

What if you dedicate time to propel yourself forward and finding out how you are getting in your own way in actually achieving what it is that you desire?

Why your mindset is the key to your success.

Just imagine how different your life could look in a short space of time....

Making energy shifts will give you ah-ha moments.


Are you having an internal battle, trying to break free of lack of self belief, old habits and excuses yet you may be feeling scared, and not sure where to begin because that little voice is telling you it is a risk and you won't make it?

You have worked so hard to get where you are, you have read the self help books and dabbled in spiritual approaches and have tried out the Law of Attraction, however you just can't seem to get to the next level.

  • You feel frustrated

  • Tired of feeling overwhelmed

  • Feel like you have lost the 'essence' of you


  • Which has left you wondering what your purpose actually is

  • You feel that you are disconnected from your goal that you want to reach

You just want to be the best version of yourself and succeed

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If you Believe you Can - Then you Will

Help is at hand. I help holistically minded people who, just like you, to feel worthy and good enough to succeed in your life by overcoming fear and self doubt.

Fear can take many forms.


It leaves you feeling not good enough, you fall into self sabotage mode and to get from where you are to where you want to be is hard, let alone doing it by yourself.


It leaves you feeling frustrated and low and you begin to question 'can I do this'? 

yes you can do this!

Unlock your Potential with the help of some witchy woo-ness

Come and join me for 7 weeks where together, as a group, we shall be looking at 6 areas of your life, unknotting and letting go of what no longer serves you which will then allow you to create a whole new energy and allow you to uplevel your life.

How are we going to do this?

Week 1 we shall cover your Mindset on Self care, what it looks like to you, how boundaries hugely impact your life and why it is vital that we are consciously taking self care seriously.

Week 2 we shall look at your Mindset on Money and what is your money story you tell yourself (or you have inherited?!)

Week 3 is time to dive into your Mindset on Exercise, getting your body moving and if there are any subconscious excuses you may be telling yourself.

Week 4 is investigating your Mindset on Nutrition are there any habits you have that by noticing them you could be doing better?

Week 5 is exploring your Mindset on Relationships, with your partner, family or friends and how to keep you feeling worthy of good relationships.

Week 6 is taking a review on your Mindset on your Work, this may be your career, your part-time work or not, even being a stay at home mum is work!

Week 7 is bringing it all together and we are looking at your Mindset on your Purpose

That is not it though.

I'm giving you more!!


Ask yourself this...If you don't make a change and make a commitment to personal development that becomes a way of life now, will anything change?

Have you a library of self help books, enrolled on many courses that may well have that 'magic pill' for your success and yet you are still not seeing the results you desire?

Tried out the Law of Attraction, but it just hasn't worked?

I shall tell you a secret [what you are looking for is already within!

Really it is!

There is an internal wisdom within each and everyone of us that just needs to be (re)tuned into.

By subconsciously healing yourself and becoming truly aligned, and not living our lives by measuring it against others, is when we grow. 

When we grow, there is purpose, with purpose there is success.

This is your Moment

There is more...!

I shall be sharing with you how you can bring in the use of crystals, herbs and working with the moon to turbo charge unlocking your potential!

BONUS 1 You will have access to my online course on crystals, Where to begin. The whys and how to's when it comes to choosing and working with crystals. 

BONUS 2 The best herbs you really should have in your life supporting your mind, body and soul.

BONUS 3 On week 7 you will have a half hour 121 mentorship call with myself to really get you raising your vibration and becoming the person you dream of being.

PLUS At the end of each group session I will be doing some card pulls

What People say...
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What do you do now?

Imagine right now that you didn't have anything holding you back in achieving what you want in life.

Imagine how it feels.

Imagine how your life would look.

Want to take a step towards it?

To be the change you want to be?

I've got your back with this - because I too have been where you are.

Best Friends
About Kate

The year 2015 was when all the really massive adult life changes really began for me. I woke up one morning and could not eat my cereal as my mouth wouldn't work. It was acute Bells Palsy, a paralysis to the side of the face. I had an 18 month and a 3 year old daughter and I very quickly spiraled into a deep depression. Having a lot of time to myself healing from the Bells, I came to the realization that in fact I no longer wanted to stay in my marriage. I moved counties with my daughters and had crippling anxiety attacks and succumbed to unhealthy habits.

I did not like myself and got myself out of bed for my girls, put on a brave face and went out into the world.

My self confidence was at rock bottom and was trodden all over by a narcissistic relationship.

I remember the day when I decided enough was enough and I had to make yet another big decision for the sake of my (and my daughters) mental health. 

The witchy woo-ness side of me has always been there. The connection to the trees, staring in wonder at the moon as a young person knowing there was magic there but didn't yet understand how to access it. Digging my fingers deep into the mulchy soil knowing there was something special lying beneath the surface that was invisible to the human eye.

My home has crystals and stones in pretty much every room. There are altars of various kinds. Books on herbs, apothecary and allotments (yes I have one of those!) and mushrooms (that is something else I do - grow medicinal mushrooms!) A bookcase filled with mismatched jars of herbs, sage bundles and essential oils! 

If you have got this far...

If you are still reading and have come this far then I am so excited as it must mean that you are curious to know what the investment will be. I'll be straight up with you cos that's who I am. I have thought long and hard about this as money used to have a story attached to it for me (I had to work darn hard for it, it didn't come easily, I am worth it blah blah!) Yet I am real. I want to help YOU. 

Which is why I have a couple of options for you.

Option 1 - pay in full which works out at £50 per week (£350)

Option 2 - pay installments 3 payments of £117 

Option 3 - send me a message and we can work something out!

Click the link below to join in. Doors are open NOW to begin on the 2nd March (New Moon).

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